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Monday, March 14, 2005

Tourney Time

I’ve decided to make actual content. I’ll just ramble on whatever is happening either in my life or in the news. I’ll cover mostly sports topics, since that’s what I seem to know best.

Where to start? There’s the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. The brackets were announced and now businesses will lose millions upon millions in lost man hours because of office betting pools. I didn’t follow the regular season as well as I usually do. All that bullshit with St John’s really discouraged me. It’s a shame because the Big East seemed to have a monster year over all.

I’m not really upset as some seem to be over the perceived snubs. I think the selection committee did a better job this year than they usually do. Most of the teams that just fell short did so because they lost coming down the stretch and had bad conference tournaments. They showed they couldn’t win when it counted. Mostly my disagreements are over ranks and regional placements. I think UConn should be a 1 seed, but that could just be the Big East fan in me talking. I’m also somewhat upset that Illinois is in the Chicago regional. I thought the whole point of this system was to take away home court advantage. And don't get me started about UNC playing in Charolette.

No major beefs with the way things turned out, though. I haven’t filled put any brackets yet, but I think I’m looking at Big East and ACC teams to dominate the tourney. Ya, that’s the sissy bet. Another sure thing is that no matter what I pick Arizona to do, they will do the opposite and shoot my entire bracket to hell.

I'd comment on the women's tournement, but I'm not a lesbian(sorry, its a mandatory joke. the union would kill me if I didn't use it).

On the personal side, I've had two bids on my auction. Its still early, but I think that picture makes me look too angry. If I have to relist it, I'll get a new picture and lower the opening bid and reserve price. Or, I'll stop finding this whole idea amusing and interesting and move on to the next thing.


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