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Saturday, April 09, 2005


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OK, that takes the edge off the week a little.

Had a rough few days. The Mets' season isn't off to a flying start. Job issues, home issues, awful poker hands.....

But nobody wants to hear me bitch.

I am not going to panick too much about the slow start for the Mets. I've seen worse starts with happy endings. My friend invited me to go to the home opener and I still think I'll go. I don't see a point in taking a defeatist attitude just yet.

The players themselves seem to be taking it well. No frustration. No one seems to angry just yet. They give the appearance that they are just catching bad breaks. Thats also the opinion of most of the sports vultures (reporters, columnists etc etc). I will remain optomistic for a little while longer.

I can handle a 2-4 home opener.

Went to the Natural History Museum this week. My cousin is visiting from Ireland so I took hik sight seeing.

Haven't been there for a few years. I did enjoy it. The displays about the people and animals of the continents were nice, but thats not what people go for.

We went to the Rose Center for Earth and Space. The Space Show was pretty cool. We saw the one narrated by Tom Hanks.

Of course we checked out the dinosaurs. The T-Rex display is the crown jewel, along side the Barosaurus. My grip is there was only a small skull of a velociraptor. And it was tucked away in a corner.

Its too bad I forgot my camera or I would have had pictures to post.

I'll remeber it for Monday and have some pictures then.

OK, this is just plain wrong. Whats next, James Bond saving himself for marriage?


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