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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Help me.....please

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Snoopy finally got the bastard.

My neices and nephews are running around driving me nuts. They have found me and my brother's old baseball card collection and are proceding to root through it. I'm just glad that its all from the 1990s when the industry went to hell and that all the decent ones are already tucked away somewhere safe.

What really aggrivates me is when they start breaking all my old GI Joes. Watching my childhood smashed before my eyes is not pleasent. At least they were already pretty messed up from wear and tear and over 10 years buried in my parents' basement.

I have to be at work at 6 AM tomorrow and I kow that I'm not getting to bed before midnight. I'll be cleaning up after they leave until at least then.

Looks like the Mets winning streak is over. You can't win them all. I just hope they win the majority of them. Hell, all this means is that they now have a chance to start a new winning streak.

Its nice to see that we Americans aren't the only ones with self esteem issues. Apparently the English will also do stupid things to look good. Atleast, what the magazines say look good. Of course, we have always been able to make our asses bigger without using surgery.


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