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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

More rambling

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Lots to talk about. I'll stick to the three big topics that have stuck out in my mind.

Big win for the Mets. Beautiful. Record breaking.You know what the best part is? It wasn't some over rated t-ball team like Tampa Bay.

Personally, I think the Devil Rays were brought into the league to break the Yankee early season losing streaks. Ever notice how the Yankees play the Devil Rays after West Coast swings or when they take on the Red Sox or the Twins? Pretty damned convenient.

We got a new Pope. They elected the guy who was recruited into the Hitler Youth and worked a AAA battery during WW2. Thats not going to help with the image problems. I understand about the circumstances in Germany at the time and I don't blame a drafted soldier for working a defense weapon. I'm just saying that there are image issues to consider. It just doesn't look good. Especially when regarding a man nicknamed The Vatican Enforcer. The first German Pope in nearly a millenium. I guess the Vatican is starting to get over that whole Martin Luther incident.

I was in Target today on some bussiness and it reminded me of something thats bothered me for a long time. When I worked in retail, this trend really took off. Its the one where the people who work there are called "team members". I hated that. I was not a team member, I was an employee. I didn't see that as making me less of a person, its just where I ranked on the totem pole. No biggie. My boss was not my teammate, s/he was my employer. They could call me "sales associate" because that was the title of my job usually. When they crossed the line and called me "team member", I went out of my way to correct them. In a polite way, of course (usually).Some tell me this is the sign of a bad attitude. I don't see how. I did my job to the best of my ability. I was polite as possible with customers and coworkers. I didn't go about like I hated the job (although I did most of the time). I did everything I could to be a positive influence on the place.

I just found it so damned patronizing. They told me it was meant to be empowering. I told them talking to me like a child was not empowering.

The same thing with calling customers "guests". I am there to give you an agreed upon amount of currency in exchange for a good or service. Thats the extent of our relationship. I am not there to have a cold beer and discuss whats been happening in our lives lately.

Its this damn feel good, no hurt feelings virus that is infecting our society. Its OK to not be my best friend. I am perfectly fine with our "consumer/merchant" relationship. Please don't make it out like its anything else.


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