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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The most wonderful time of the year

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Shea Stadium, where I hope to spend many a summer evenings this year.

Ahhhh, Opening Day. The start of a new baseball season.

Everybody has a clean slate. Everyone is a playoff contender and a threat to win the World Series (in theory, anyway). If you root for a team, as I write this, they are undefeated.

What do I predict for my team? 85 wins and if Philly does what they do (underperform down the stretch) and Houston can't recover from their horrible postseason, I dare a say a Wild Card birth. I know, I'm nuts.

The summer movie season is rolling now. Sin City debuted this weekend. I've been avoiding all reviews and spoilers.

Thats one of a couple movies I'm hoping to see. Batman Begins, Episode 3, HitchHikers's Guide to the Galaxy( I just read the first two books)are also on the list.

I'm fairly luke warm about the Fantastic 4 movie. I'll probably see it just to see Jessica Alba. She better not be invisible throughout the whole damned movie.

I also want to give a big shout to the New York City MTA. Thanks for holding up my train yesterday for an hour while I watched the express line whizz past me four or five times. Even though my train actually began a few stops from the station I was in, it was somehow possible for trains originating on the other side of Brooklyn to fly by me four times.

I just know that $600 million you got from the Jets (for a property valued over $1 billion)will go straight to making the trains better, and not some retarded ad campaign or olympic bid or new fucking luxury cars for your executives. I am also eagerly anticipating this summer's fair hikes. They just seem so worth it.

With that out of the way, I would just like to mention I would have had NY AutoShow pictures up here today, but my friends all bailed on me at the last second. Today is the last day, so I just may go myself and do something.

I'll end today with a link to this site. Someone showed it to me and this guy is great. His St Patrick's Day post is witty, insightful, and Biblically accurate. Makes me want to get back to actually writting stuff.


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