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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Now we're rolling

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Why can't it be summer now?

Oh, its just so pretty. 6-5. The pitching has been great and they are winning with small ball.

If you told me two days ago that Aaron Heilman would throw a one hit, 9 inning shut out to out duel Josh Beckett, I would have thought you crazy. But, he brought his A-game against one of the best pitchers in the game. Can't ask for much more. Well, maybe some consitency.

Kaz Ishii pitched a hell of a game versus Roger Clemens Thrusday night. More of the late inning heroics.

Today, Pedro held the Marlins off long enough for the Mets to come back and win it in the ninth inning. Piazza seems to have finally found his stroke.

The only thing that bothers me is the bullpen can still be euphemistically described as "pourous".

I also have to admit that Reyes seems to be a bit of a free swinger. He needs to be a little patient at the plate.

But, its all good. The starters are putting in innings. The defense is awesome (even off the bench). They are also manufacturing runs, instead of hoping Piazza or someone goes yard. Hopefully, Randolph can keep them focused enough to keep this going.

I found a gereat site for stats on the Mets. MetsGeek is a great resource and there are some cool articles and discussions there.

Here is a shocker. A Red Sox fan being a douchebag. Ya, never seen that before.

And it is just as pathetic hearing Yankee fans acting all indignant. As if there wasn't a battery thrown at Albert Belle. Or that Bat Day was canceled. Or that you can't buy beer in certain sections of the bleechers anymore.

The best thing you can say about either group is that atleast they don't bring road flares. Yet.

Atleast not all the players are scumbags. A-Rod apparently saved a kid from an oncoming truck. However, it was suggested on ESPN Radio that the driver was actually aiming for Rodriguez and the kid just happened to be in the way.

While I'm being mean and hateful, I have something to get off my chest. The English language can feel pain. And many people on the internet in general and blogs specifically are causing this pain.

I understand that typos happen. Some words are hard to spell. Even I rush my entries and make a few mistakes. However, no one has ever needed a fucking Rosetta Stone to figure out what I am saying.

I am not asking for some kind of English literature doctaral thesis. I just want to be able to read what people are writting. Most of us should have learned grammar and punctuation by the fourth grade. When you type like a 3 year old, its just laziness. If English is your first language, there really isn't and excuse.

On second thought, some people seem to be going out of their way to create some new form of bastard English. Tolkien, they are not.

And before anyone gets on my ass for misspelling anything, or bad grammar; I can still get my point across without causing headaches. Slang and profanities aren't the problem.

Just had to get that off my chest.


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