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Thursday, May 05, 2005

No, I'm not dead yet

Photobucket isn't working right now. Sorry, I'll get a picture up later.

I've been working, sick, on a secret mission for the government.......go ahead and pick an excuse. I just haven't been blogging.

Lets get off to a roaring start by listing a few things that are pissing me off.

Online video rentals: Ugh. Two full weeks for the first video I ordered to arrive. Actually, I still haven't received it. I may have already passed the free trial period when I canceled my account this morning, so they may try and charge me the first month. God help them if they do.

The New York Media: Specifically the sports on the radio and in the tabloids. Today is the first time I can remember ever seeing the Mets get more coverage in the Daily News than the Yankees (I'd read the Post, but I don't hate myself). Seriously, it was incredible not getting 5 pages of whats wrong with the Yankees and how terrible it is and how pissed Steinbrenner is. The News is almost as bad as the sports radio here.

The battle between the Mike and the MadDog Show and the Michael Kay Show to see who can take more Yankee wang is getting sickening. Kay is the Yankees' TV announcer, so you can understand his bias. The problem is he gets absolutely insane with how great every little offseason move by the Yankees is and then comes up with these insane trades to get all the best players on the Yankees (he actually thought Oakland was willing to trade Barry Zito for Jason Giambi). Its like listening to the drunken idiots in the Yankee Stadium parking lot trying to put together a rotisserie team. “When is that Vlad Guerrero guy gonna come here?” At least Don LaGreca brings a little Mets love into the show.

Mike (Francessa) and the MadDog (Chris Russo) are on the Mets flagship station. There is no excuse for them to be caressing Steinbrenner's balls. I knew it was all going to hell with them when they got a simulcast deal on YES. Why the hell people want to watch a radio talk show is beyond me. From the few instances I have seen it, its just them doing their show. No big in studio antics like Stern's show. Just two middle aged, overweight, not all that good looking guys talking into microphones. Thats what passes for entertainment on YES when a Yankee game isn't on.

Music station deejays: Hey, morons, I am not listening to this station to here you jabber on about what celebrity ditched you at the concert or what some retarded listener thinks is funny. I want to hear some music. And not the same handful of songs you always play. You are not Howard Stern and you won't get his job when he leaves for satellite. If you must speak, keep it to concert information and album release dates. I am not even all that interesting in interviews, because they are rarely all that interesting.

Believe me, if I could work a satellite subscription into my budget, I would. Until then, I am stuck with listening to your crap. Don't make me homicidal.

My asshole brother: I am living with this fool. He is terrible to put up with. He leaves his clothes all over the place and has no intention of picking them up until he wants something to wear. He will take the last of the toilet paper and not replace the roll. Same with shaving cream, shampoo, my aftershave, cologne etc etc because he knows I will go get more. He will open a can of tuna fish, pour it all into a bowl, add some mayonnaise, and eat half of it. The rest he leaves on the living room table where he was wallowing in his filth while watching TV. Sometimes, he'll find a way to leave it under the table or couch, so I can't find it until it ripens so nicely. He will smoke and leave the ashes in the shower. WHO SMOKES IN THE SHOWER? At least he is flushing.....more often than before. The last time he went grocery shopping? Two weeks before never.

Victor Zambrano: Son of a bitch. Damn. Shit. Fuck. God Damn............and pretty much anything else nasty you can think of. When I see what Scott Kazmir is capable of and then see this waste of roster space, I want to cry.